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It’s only been a couple of weeks since we launched the fab new website for Will Taylor Landscapes, but the website is already attaining a good page positioning on Google.

As with all our websites, we focused a lot of time on the correct methods and SEO protocols for ensuring the website gained a good page ranking score with Google.

There’s still a lot of myths and non-truths when it comes to the whole subject of organic SEO, but in essence, if you follow some basic key rules, you will be in a good starting place.

Content is key. A old saying but still very much relevant. Everything starts with the content and copy on your website. Being a landscape gardener, we spent a lot of time preparing the copy for the website. In essence, it’s about thinking about the end user and ensuring the copy and content is relevant and valuable. The more information you can present in terms of what you do and how you do it, the more value you add to your web pages.

Fully responsive & mobile friendly. We really shouldn’t have to mention this in 2024 but it really does astound me as to the volume of websites that are still not mobile friendly. When designing our websites, we ensure our websites are built to be fully responsive. That’s to say, they will deliver the best user experience for the visitor, irrespective of the device they are being viewed on.

Mobile phones are still often overlooked when it comes to ensuring your website delivers the best experience. No one likes to visit a website on their smart phone when the writing is too small to read, or the navigation is too hard to fatham.

The need for speed. Another very important consideration. No one likes a slow website. All out websites are built with this is mind. From minimising the use of bloated plugins and editors, to ensuring each and every picture is correctly compressed, we always strive to build websites that are streamlined with the view to ensuring good response times.

As with Will Taylor landscapes, most of our clients are small business owners and they don’t want to pay a fortune for their hosting provisions. Most of our clients have their websites hosted on shared hosted web servers, where your website will be amongst 100s of others on the same server.

But if you utilise the correct protocols and the right methods when it comes to building your website, you can still attain very good page load times.

So back to Will Taylor Landscapes. Two weeks in from go-live and how is his site doing? Well, the site is already achieving page 1 placement for a number of key searches on Google and we’ll be continuing to monitor this progress with Will Taylor.

Google positioning for Will Taylor Landscapes

Is your website getting lost on Google

If you are having problems with the visibility of your website on Google, then maybe we can help.

We’d be happy to assess your website and advise you of the possible pitfalls that may be inflicting it. After all, a great looking website is one thing. But if no one can find it, then it’s a waisted opportunity.

Speak to Mark at Beanebytes Web Design to make sure your website is actually working for your business, not against it.

How is your website performing?

Check the performance scores of your website. If your website scores 80 or above on the Pingdom Page Speed test, you can take reassurance you are doing something right.

Pingdom Speed tests for Will Taylor Landscapes